The Vernon Inn
  Restaurant & Pub

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Weekend Breakfast
from 8am-2pm


From the Bar
Bloody Mary
-Tomato juice, spices, and horseradish mixed with vodka served with a celery stalk.    $4.50
made with Grey Goose  premium vodka             $6.50
Mimosa-Champagne and orange juice mixed and served with an orange slice garnish              $3.75

Omelet’s-Served with Home fries and toast.   
- Plain                                                        $4.00              
- with cheese                                               $5.00
- with Taylor ham, bacon or sausage            $5.95
- Western-fried onions, peppers, diced       $5.95
ham and cheddar cheese.
-“The Vernon Inn Special”   
   onions, peppers, ham, tomatoes and cheddar cheese                       
- Mushroom, Swiss omelets                       $5.25              
- Create your own omelets                       $4.00
Add any toppings                                         .50 
Onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms diced bacon,
diced ham, spinach, sausage
-Add cheese to any omelets                         $1.00              

Egg Sandwiches
-Served on a Kaiser roll
-Fried egg with American cheese                   $2.50
-with Taylor ham, bacon or sausage  patty     $3.75
-on an English muffin add                              $  .50
-on a Bagel (plain or everything) add             $  .75  

 Egg Platters-Served with Home fries and toast
(white, wheat or rye)
-One egg any style                                         $2.75
-with Taylor ham, bacon or sausage                $4.95
-Two eggs any style                                        $3.75
-with Taylor ham, bacon or sausage                $5.95

Eggs Benedict                        $7.95
Two English muffins topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs,
and a Hollandaise sauce.   Served with home fries.

Steak and Eggs                $9.95
Two eggs any style with choice of English cut prime rib
or a seven ounce strip steak.  Served with toast and home fries. 

Breakfast Quesadilla                  $7.95
Scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla with home fries.
Choice of Sausage or Taylor ham

French Toast/Buttermilk  Pancakes
Three slices or pancakes            $4.95
Two slices or pancakes            $3.95
One slice or pancake                       $2.00

Chef’s Quiche           
A large slice of quiche served with a side of home fries.
-Spinach and cheese or ham and cheese

Hungry man Platter
2 Pancakes or 2 French toast; 2 eggs any style;
 Taylor Ham, bacon or sausage patty and home fries.



Side Orders
Toast                        $  .75
Egg any style           $1.00  
English muffin            $1.00
Home fries              $1.75  
   Kaiser roll                    $1.00
  Bacon 3 strips           $1.75  
   Bagel n’ butter              $1.25
  Sausage patty            $2.00  
   Bagel w/cream cheese  $1.95
(plain or everything)
 Taylor ham                  $2.00
Cereal                   $1.95
Oatmeal             $1.95|
Coffee              $1.25
Juice     small -$2.00  Lg-  $3.00