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The History of The Vernon Inn

The Vernon Inn has a long and distinguished history in Vernon Township.† It was first built c. 1833 by local tavern owner John Vandegriff and was known as the Vandegriff Hotel.† Later purchased by Thomas DeKay, the Vandegriff Hotel not only served as a hotel and tavern, but also as the public meeting house for assemblies, sheriff sales, etc.† The hotel was later renamed The Vernon House, and continued to operate as a hotel and tavern well into the 20th Century. In 1936 The Vernon House suffered a devastating fire that ravaged the top floor of the building.  Apparently, a squirrel knocked over a kerosene lantern, setting the hotel ablaze, and it was extensively rebuilt and reopened for business.  In later years it became Garyís Vernon Lodge, a popular local watering hole, until the owner passed away in 2002.  It was again purchased and went through another extensive remodeling, and in June 2003 opened its doors as The Vernon Inn

The Vandegriff Hotel c.1895                                                      The Vernon House Hotel c.1907                                                

A fire burns through the attic of the Vernon Hotel - April 1936

The Ghosts

Itís also rumored that the inn may have a ghost or two residing within its walls.† In February 2004, a local paranormal research group, North Jersey Paranormal Research, conducted an investigation of the restaurant and obtained some very interesting photographs and audio recordings:

There was also an extensive article written concerning the haunting and investigation published in the April 1st edition of the Advertiser-News-North.† Feel free to ask the staff about it when you come for dinner or while having drinks, they would love to tell you their stories.

After the investigation, another group of
"Ghostbusters" showed-up trying to get in on the act.
(They shouldn't give up their day jobs.)